Interview questions from Tammy :)

I follow Tammy’s blog which is a neat mixture of recipes, kitchen and food tips and updates on Tammy’s lovely family.

One of her posts recently was answering questions people had asked her and she suggested people join in the game and answer 5 questions from her.

So here are the 5 questions Tammy asked me:

1. What is your favorite thing about brand new babies? :)

Hmm, how do you pick just one thing!!  I love the smell of new babies and their soft little kissable heads.  I love the sweet noises they make as they stretch in their sleep.

I love marvelling over how this perfect tiny person was not so long ago curled up inside me and now here they are!

Such a precious gift and I’ve been given six!

2. Tell me some things you love about New Zealand! I had a piano teacher from NZ when I was in high school… :)

I love the beaches, especially in Gisborne where my parents live.  I love the lakes around Taupo and Rotorua where I grew up.  I love the New Zealand bush (forest) and going tramping (hiking) in the bush.

I love how you can tell it is spring time when you go driving in the country and see all the new spring lambs.  The scenery when driving is stunning especially in the mountains or near the beaches.

It is great that we are a relatively “clean and green” country which works hard to stay that way and I like that it is a small country and small population but within that population we have a lot of cultures.

3. What is something your younger children have recently learned to do, and are having a lot of fun with?

This was kind of tricky to answer.  A couple of things my younger children have been enjoying doing together lately are playing monopoly, playing hide-and-seek and riding their bikes.  Nathan (6) has been really enjoying reading and will lie in bed reading for hours in the evening – if only I could slow him down enough during the day to read books – he has only just started happily reading quietly to himself and his favourite book to read at the moment is a story book Bible!  Faith (5) has been enjoying writing notes and lists.  I am constantly finding pages of writing all over the house with all the words that Faith knows how to write.  She is improving so much.  Often she will write a shopping list for me and if she doesn’t know how to write the word she will draw a picture. z
Miriam is loving colouring in.

4. What is your favorite main dish/meal to cook and/or eat?

I think my favourite meal would be roast lamb – very New Zealand-ish of me!

My husband loves curries and we have a favourite Indian curry and a Thai green chicken curry which we make often.

I also really enjoy cooked breakfast, pancakes,waffles or french toast served with yoghurt, syrup and berries, cornbread (this is not something you find in NZ but my Dad is Canadian and grew up eating Cornbread as a breakfast treat and I love it too), bacon, fried potatoes, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, scrambled eggs mmm they are all good!

5. Do you do any crafts? :)

I used to do a lot of scrapbooking which I loved but find I really don’t have time for anymore.  I would like to spend some time doing scrapbooking through, especially since my younger children have discovered they don’t have albums like their two big sisters do.

I enjoy sewing, just basic things for my children or as gifts for people.  Most often I will be found sewing bibs (like the ones above and below), cloth (pocket) nappies (diapers) and tote bags.

I also enjoy knitting (although am a very basic knitter).
Both my big girls like to knit too and have some incomplete projects so I would love to spend some time knitting in the evening with them, now that it is winter.

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